“We often get asked can you get the training program into one day and get the same results. The answer is that it usually takes us one day to get the group calm and focused and in a place they can absorb, retain and apply new knowledge.

This is particularly in respect to leadership programs. I’m sure you could teach tactile skills (how to use a new drill) without being clear and focused but you have no chance of changing and or modify behaviours or getting buy in to new strategy, if the participant is not calm and clear”.

Richard Kelly, Vice President, Executive Perspectives

“In our role as one of the biggest training organizations in Australasia of organizational coaches, clarity is integral to our practice.

We worked with Stuart and Clarity for a number of years, to guide and encourage coaches to learn this very important practice”.

Dr Hilary Armstrong, Director of Education, Institute of Executive Coaching Leadership, Australia

“I was too busy being busy to allow myself any quiet or reflective time. Indeed, I was one of those who would constantly bemoan the fact that there was never enough time to plan or prepare, I was always too enmeshed in the problem/solution cycle to take the time to find a way out of it.

That was until I met Stuart Mackay, the founder of Clarity”.

Stephen Johnston, CEO, Video Ezy, previously MD, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Author of “What Do You Do For A Living?” A Bold New Vision For Leaders.

What others say...

“I met Stuart in 1995 when I was dealing with breast cancer.

A close friend had recommended him as a gifted healer who had healed her long-standing frozen shoulder in a single session. At that time I had had a mastectomy and was undergoing chemotherapy.

I was frightened and traumatised by the whole experience. When I came to see Stuart I was frozen with terror and he changed everything. He gave me a sense of peace, hope and confidence in my capacity to heal.

Stuart taught me the practice of ‘Clarity’ and my whole mood and outlook on life changed. I began to have profound experiences of great peace and joy as I had never had before as well as many mystical experiences that changed my whole understanding of life.

Now, 23 years later, I have called on Stuart again this time to help me with post-traumatic stress disorder which has haunted me for most of my adult life.

Again through his support whilst doing ‘Clarity’, I am gaining emotional balance and wellbeing.

Stuart is a naturally gifted healer of great integrity, insight and humility.

I recommend his programme ‘Clarity‘ to anyone seeking inner peace. 

I recommend Stuart as an exceptional guide and support in this process”.

Dr. Ewa Henner, (MB., BS.) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Sydney University)

Clarity at 100 years old

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