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“I met Stuart in 1995 when I was dealing with breast cancer.

A close friend had recommended him as a gifted healer who had healed her long-standing frozen shoulder in a single session. At that time I had had a mastectomy and was undergoing chemotherapy.

I was frightened and traumatised by the whole experience. When I came to see Stuart I was frozen with terror and he changed everything. He gave me a sense of peace, hope and confidence in my capacity to heal.

Stuart taught me the practice of ‘Clarity’ and my whole mood and outlook on life changed. I began to have profound experiences of great peace and joy as I had never had before as well as many mystical experiences that changed my whole understanding of life.

Now, 23 years later, I have called on Stuart again this time to help me with post-traumatic stress disorder which has haunted me for most of my adult life.

Again through his support whilst doing ‘Clarity’, I am gaining emotional balance and wellbeing.

Stuart is a naturally gifted healer of great integrity, insight and humility.

I recommend his programme ‘Clarity‘ to anyone seeking inner peace. 

I recommend Stuart as an exceptional guide and support in this process”.

Dr. Ewa Henner, (MB., BS.) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Sydney University)

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