The Golden Key

An enlightened leader will provide their experience, objectivity, and observations. They will guide employees through technical skills and proven strategies.

However, only the employee can provide receptiveness.

The only thing the leader has to work with is the employee’s receptivity.

Stuart Mackay is the founder of the Clarity methodology. Clarity is a practical and safe way to release deep inner tension, that leaves us being calm, clear and receptive.

Over the past 42 years, Stuart has worked with individuals and groups in the workplace across the globe to share Clarity as a tool to reach higher engagement.

Try to get your head around this

You cannot train employees to re-engage. You can’t push them or pull them, nor dangle incentives in front of them.

To become re-engaged, the employee must be willing to release (or let go of) that which is restricting them – ‘when there ready’.

Leadership was never in control

This is a process leadership can foster but not control. In the re-engagement process, money is a distraction we can ill afford. It doesn’t matter how expensive or inexpensive training is, we only embark on this journey – when we’re ready.

When we're ready!

Our approach to engagement is based on receptivity, letting go of tension/ restrictions, and this, in turn, clears the path to retain and access information for technical training.

Additionally, we implemented an organization-wide self-selection and measurement process, which stimulates voluntary learning.

The Clarity software guarantees minimal HR administration time and organization resources and is volunteered in the employee’s own time.

The Benefits of Practicing Clarity

  • No charge, no expectations for all users.
  • Get a good night’s sleep, every night.
  • Enables you to better mental health and to re-engage with your family and loved ones.
  • Clarity to prioritise problems and deal with them one by one.
  • Reclaim your physical energy.
  • Increase your value as an employee.
  • Reclaim time, that was previously spent on worry and having made unclear decisions.
  • Reclaim money that was previously spent on unclear decisions.
  • Understand the difference between relief and release of your stress and tension.

Clearing traditional obstacles

Along with his inspired business model, he understands that ‘Transformation’ and ‘Return On Investment’ expectations must be kept separate.

It is essential to Stuart that the Clarity methodology is free of charge to all users, without limits and without fear and when there ready!

Tracking and charging individual users, along with non-users and maybe users, is a costly distraction that neither of us can afford.

The only fees charged are to the organization for monthly management of active users and reporting.

“The organizational Soul needs to balance the receptive (inspiration) with the technical (business) to reach its full potential.” 

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