Organization Set-up

Let's find out a bit more about each other?

Each organization, as does Clarity, has unique needs. Therefore, engaging with us will first involve a conversation.

Engaging with Clarity starts with enlightened leadership driving this initiative (in the old language from the top down).

I feel that we have presented a balanced case for your organization to join Global Clarity, and mobilize Re-Engagement. So let’s consider the following?

A list of points to consider.

  • Understand why Clarity is free of charge to all users.
  • Understand employees must feel comfortable to take on practising Clarity, ‘When they’re ready’.
  • How will employees hear about our Global Clarity (GC) and join?
  • ‘Creating a Best Practice’ a commitment to place the GC invitation designed with personal benefits into targeted company emails.
  • Of course, the GC is open to the families of employees.
  • One-off Set-Up Fee and Monthly Reporting Fee.
  • How safe is our user’s data? First and foremost, personal data for the organisation to view your data is of primary importance.
  • Customizing your group reporting requirements i.e. By Department, State, National, International and or salary range.
  • Individual employee reporting is only available if the individual chooses to give permission to the organization.

Mobilize Re-Engagement. Let's have that conversation?

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