It’s time to shift the narrative

Dis-engagement and mental health are both collateral damage to the relief narrative.

Is pain fear? Is fear pain? Millions of our stories have started differently, but have mostly ended the same, here is just one stark reminder.

When we experience negative criticism over a prolonged period of time, albeit subtle but consistent, it can be likened to a constant stream which washes over us, so we hold our breath. With this breath we are also holding tension (how does it feel to hold your breath for an extended period? Try it!).

Because of the hurtful nature of these cumulative events, it isn’t easy to breathe them out. Why? Because we have to experience the pain of them in order to let them go and many of us are not aware or skilful enough to do that. So we continue to hold onto that pain and tension until we feel ready or safe enough to release it. We actually can learn to release it and let it go and this is how we heal ourselves. Letting go is something no one else can do for us.

An enticing proposition

Medication is an enticing proposition for many of us and can be helpful depending on our condition. It can also help us continue to function by masking our pain but it doesn’t release the pain. We may end up depending on medication daily in some instances because we don’t want to feel the pain in order to release it. That is our choice. If we choose the path of medication we may carry around unreleased pain and tension for the rest of our lives. This will manifest in physical illness.

The Relief Dependency narrative

It is due to our past choices that we have created the relief dependency narrative. We ‘wished’ for a solution as we chose not to live up to feeling the pain, and the pharmaceutical industry granted our wish. Yet we may not have understood that the pain and tension is still there whether we can feel it or not. We may not have known that there was another option: a ‘release’ option. We just wanted the pain to go away.

The Release Independence narrative

Today our wishes are changing. We are realising that there is now a more comprehensive range of release / letting go methods as we begin to search for them and thus widen our field of options. Now we are moving toward the release / independence narrative. 

We live in a time of rapid change where the collective unconscious is becoming aware that we alone are responsible for our wellbeing, not another. We can take back our power (and our mental health) by taking back our responsibility.

Understand the difference

If you want to clearly understand the difference between the old relief / dependency narrative and the present release / independence narrative, you can experience letting go in a practical way. An intellectual understanding will only leave you guessing and medication will take away that opportunity.

This new narrative is coming about through a gradual groundswell of people with different medical / health issues yet with the same basic needs: to experience coming face to face with one’s own pain and learning to let it go. Our collective consciousness is bringing us to make more informed decisions and thus creating the shift toward better Mental Health options.

It’s time for all of us to let go!

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