You can study creativity, but it won’t increase your creativity!

Playwrights and actors will spend considerable time wrestling with their scripts and many other elements, such as their minds and inner fears. Some continue wrestling others decide to let go. When they decide to let go, creativity starts to flow – their connection with consciousness gets stronger.

Some artists paint from the soul – they just use a brush to manage the flow.

The magic moment in that photograph – first happens within the photographer.

When composers and musicians play, from the soul to the soul – that gets them greater appreciation.

When all is quiet

When all is quiet – that’s when your mind’s eye is winking at you and the world at the same time – you have made a connection with your audience.

Appreciation is your payment!

And of course, the creative person must balance the inspirational with the technical, in order to pay the rent.

The point is… you can not learn creativity, you must become it. By letting go of that which is restricting its flow.

Clarity is a tool guaranteed to increase’ that flow, what you do with it, is up to you.

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