With pre-retirement activities, unreleased tension goes mostly unnoticed.

However, as we become less active, our unreleased tension wakes up. It starts creeping around our mind and body, gradually finding its way to the surface as a weird cocktail of symptoms, blockages, injuries and even accidents.

This is when the names of illnesses get longer.

Welcome to the Golden Years.

Don't let dying surprise you!

Like me, if you’re over 70, you may encounter some of these experiences before you die.

You may experience living independently, assisted or in total dependency for a time, and you may experience palliative care. You may die suddenly or go kicking and screaming, or you may die naturally and peacefully. 

Throughout your journey, the amount of unreleased inner tension or fear determines the levels of comfort or discomfort you experience.

What's so different in this final chapter?

Unwittingly, any unreleased tension is projected “directly” onto your loved ones and carers. Remember, these are the very people you are now depending on for support and survival. Being a toddler at this age is not a good look.

This is an excellent time to consider wrestling with any of the forgotten stuff, maybe from childhood or a battle of some kind that’s been hiding in our inner basement before rationality diminishes, as it does for some.

Alternatively, others could measure the degree of your inner tension as symptoms and feed you prescriptions and procedures accordingly. This is where the names of illnesses get longer and longer.

There are two ways to go.

You can either hold on or let go.

Let’s not talk about holding on; this topic is not pretty. I want to focus on letting go. This may be the last and most important opportunity to release the congestion or constipation from your life. Practising Clarity is like toilet training for the Soul; let’s face it: some things are not worth holding on to.

You don’t need to wait until you get sick to practise Clarity. However, this is probably the most opportune time to be proactive about releasing inner tension from your mind and body and for happily ever after.

Clarity at 100 years old

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