How to mobilize employee re-engagement organization-wide

“In this year’s ‘State of the Global Workplace Report’, we estimate that low engagement costs the global economy $8.8 trillion.

That’s 9% of global GDP — enough to make the difference between success and failure for humanity.”

Jon Clifton, CEO of Gallup

The Clarity methodology has resulted in quantifiable, positive changes in individuals by completing the transformation from a state of disengagement to engagement.

We have quantified the percentage of executive dis-engagement at the beginning of the Clarity method, and within a three-week period, we have noticed significant changes as the executive’s stress levels decrease through the Clarity method, leading to increased engagement.

By utilizing the Gallup Poll studies, we highlight the value and worth of re-engaged executives as they become high-performing individuals.

A positive shift has resulted in the value of company executives being viewed as a positive rather than a negative factor.

Clarity has and is therefore providing a significant tool for the Human Resource Department of an organization to assess the performance of all its executives. Using a quantitative approach to define and assess their performance.

We now have a quantitative tool for the HR Dept that uses a quantitative method, rather than the traditional qualitative metric, that puts HR in a similar performance management area. Measuring the impact of a PR and marketing campaign on a company’s bottom line performance or determining the market price of a company’s product.

Releasing negative stress/tension within individuals to create ‘higher engagement’ may sound like a slightly abstract concept – it is not.

Below in this brief report, you will see how Clarity conducted just 3 of the 5-modules with a group of ’44 senior executives’ in a Fortune 500 company, and after practising Clarity, it achieved the following:

  • Actively Dis-engaged – Reduced by 70%
  • Dis-engaged – Reduced by 72%
  • Engaged – Increased by 3.8 times (380%)
Not just a quantitative tool for the HR Dept, also for COO, CFO and CEO.

According to Gallup, ‘dis-engaged employees’ have 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity and 15% lower profitability. When that translates into dollars, you’re looking at the cost of 34% of a ‘dis-engaged employee’s’ annual salary, or $3,400 for every $10,000 they make. 

An estimated salary for a Senior Manager Globally is $150,000 per annum, of which 34% = $51,000.

The outcomes are quantified from the above workshops.

Week 1. 39 Dis-engaged Managers x $51.000 = is costing $1,989,000.
Week 2. 26 Dis-engaged Managers x $51,000 = is costing $1,326,000.
Week 3. 11 Dis-engaged Managers x $51,000 = is costing $561,000.

When You Decide

To invite 5,000 Employees to experience Clarity. (Via regular email).

You Can Expect

You will be supporting those who need to grow, investing in those who want to grow, and are standing at the intersection of ‘readiness and willingness’ – yes, volunteers!

Around 4,000 people will not take up this invitation to participate while about 1,000 people will accept the invitation and begin.

When these employees begin, they will learn a lifelong skill; Clarity will have a positive impact on them.

Although a further 500 people may not fully commit, around 500 employees will continue practicing the Clarity method.

This is an opportunity to genuinely re-engage your employees and retrieve some of the cost from the 34% of a dis-engaged employee’s annual salary: 500 Senior Executives x $51,000 = $25,500,000

Stakeholder Reporting

The organisation report delivers a range of strategic indicators and is one of the most profound insights into measuring group engagement.

It captures the progress of the group engagement monthly, whilst all personal data remains confidential unless the employee’s permission is granted.

Organizational results are aggregated into 4-categories:

  • Actively Engaged
  • Engaged
  • Dis-engaged
  • Actively Dis-engaged

These groups are not just measured by the amount of clarity gained, also through their willingness to progress and receive the rewards of higher engagement/ growth potential.

Clarity is positioned to create and measure the shift to a higher engaged organisation in the shortest and most cost effective way.

By increasing their response-ability rate and decreasing time spent on the blur factor will create more focused and receptive time for family, business and the broader community.

How and What do we measure?

Clarity measures the increase in clarity of individuals and groups. Clarity is the absence of negative stress and tension.

Unique to Clarity is a four-way measurement system that has evolved and been proven since 1983. It identifies the visual, emotional, physical and mental responses, whilst practicing Clarity.

The different levels of response are recorded in the Clarity software throughout each of the 5 progressive modules of the program, all of which are completed in the participant’s own pace.

Find out how to mobilize re-engagement organization-wide.

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